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Your robust Cloud to boost your workflow

Managed & Cloud Services

We build and manage your overall platform.
Outsource your daily management and operation to us, thereby relieving you.

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Let us host your Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud without the hassle of investing in new hardware or maintaining it,

Business Automation & Continuity

We can help you automate your business processes together with integration between systems.

Services Offered

From developing a strategy through the implementation of and management of our robust cloud environments, our techknowledgists are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of our cloud. They bring leadership and experience with integrating the latest technologies such as hybrid cloud models and cognitive computing, all to help you build a complete, security-rich solution that creates new value for your business.

Cloud Management and Operations Consulting

Experienced DITSI consultants can provide you with an assessment, roadmap, architecture design and implementation plan, plus integration assistance to successfully transition to a cloud environment.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services Store

Search and order IT services from multiple cloud-based and traditional IT providers, mix and match solutions, be more responsive to users and enforce corporate policy and governance.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Reduce risk and costs while supporting innovation through an IT supply chain approach that helps us deliver multi-vendor IT solutions aligned to business needs of any organization.

Cloud Deployment Services

Increase flexibility by using automation to provision and orchestrate hybrid cloud infrastructure ready for application. One click Install.

Cloud for SAP Applications

Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud can deliver the flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility and freeing up your staff resources.

Cloud for Oracle Solutions

Move your Oracle applications to a managed cloud environment so you can reduce complexities and costs, ensure you stay on track and support faster innovation.

Cloud Automation Services

Integrated automation can provide speed, quality and consistency of service delivery.

Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Enable consumption of services dynamically across multiple platforms through a self-service catalog and a choice of service levels.

Top Notch Support

Because you have better things to do, like create, sell and grow your business.

The Use of Carefree Information Technology

An obvious benefit of moving to the IaaS model is lower infrastructure costs. No longer do organizations have the responsibility of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing old equipment. IaaS also saves enterprises from having to buy more capacity to deal with sudden business spikes. Organizations with a smaller IT infrastructure generally require a smaller IT staff as well.

One of the greatest benefits of IaaS is the ability to scale up and down quickly in response to an enterprise’s requirements. IaaS providers generally have the latest, most powerful storage, servers and networking technology to accommodate the needs of their customers. This on-demand scalability provides added flexibility and greater agility to respond to changing opportunities and requirements.

We take care of your requests every day, answering within the SLA 24/7. Time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure is time not spent on growing the business. By moving infrastructure to a service-based model, organizations can focus their time and resources where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions. So let Us do it all for you and your organization.

Cloud Platforms

We work with multiple cloud platforms. Building and managing within these platforms is no problem for us. We can also take over, standardize and manage existing infrastructures.


IBM Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Design Technology

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

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Let Us Perform An IT Health Check
within Your Company

Health Care

Let us check if your environment is still up to date and compliant.


Health Check of your IT Environment


Let us check if everything is up to date or can be done more efficiently.


Health Check of your IT Environment


Enterprise IT health check is about the whole business including law, government and processes.


Health Check of your IT Environment

e-Commerce – no problem!

Place your high performance webshop with ERP with us. We ensure the best performance and management so that you can focus on your shop.

Self Service Portal

Easily view the status of your services, purchase new ones or expand your existing ones through our self-service portal.


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