Secure & flexible workspace

Take the advantage our robust and secure VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Environment which can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. Our platform is highly secure and certified for many use cases giving your workers agility.

Access From Anywhere

The virtual workspace can not only be accessed via a computer, on the contrary: every device with a browser or app can use the virtual workspace.

Highly Secure

To address security, manageability, and performance needs, our security software meets the benchmarks required for VDI deployment.

It’s personal

Personalize your persistent workspace based on your needs. Choose any application or software to be available in your virtual workspace.

You don’t need VDI knowlegde to create a Virtual workspace online. Let us build, host and manage it for you!

The virtual workspace in the form of an online desktop (in a browser or app) can not only be accessed via a computer, on the contrary: every device with a browser or apps can use the virtual workspace. This gives you access to your online desktop via any device.

Because your workspace also works on a smart phone or tablet you will have access to your data and applications anytime and anywhere! The Workspace can be graphically accelerated using a scalable GPU. This means that you always have the right performance independent of the specifications of your device.

Awesome features

Multi OS Support

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), log on and start using your workspace. We support Microsoft Windows, Linux CentOS and Apple MacOS VDI’s (running on Apple Mac Pro’s) on our VMware Horizon platform.

Security & Authentication

Multifactor Authentication, Firewalls with UTM/IDM, dedicated Active Directory Server/LDAP server, offsite OS virtualization, isolated environment, encrypted storage, VPN-only access.

Many Use Cases

It is all about you and your needs, that is why we serve Healthcare, Law Firm, Finance, Graphic intensive with GPU accelaration and Daily office use oriented VDI’s to choose from. GDPR, HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant in a ISO27001 certified datacenter.

Very Easy To Use

Just download the Horizon App on your Macbook, Laptop, iDevice or Android device and start collaborating within your virtual and secure workspace. Even print or make phone calls from anywhere from any device.

Create your perfect workspace!

We would like to invite you for a good discussion about the workplace of tomorrow. Get convinced by the ease and flexibility of this solution.

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