IT’s about the Cloud.
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Let us help you cross the rivers, lakes and mountains to get to that Cloud.

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About Us & Our Skills

DITSI is a young, dynamic IT  Services & Consulting firm with at least two decades of experience in Storage, Virtualization, Cloud & Security.

Our specialties are building and maintaining IaaS-, Virtualization-platforms, private clouds, automation and storage platforms. We have in depth knowledge of today’s best vendors and their top products such as: NetApp, VMware, Cisco, Juniper, Citrix, CommVault, Veeam, HPE, IBM and DELL/EMC² equipment and solutions. We also support implementations of Zerto, Windows, Unix, Linux, Oracle, SAP, Open source & more.

At DITSI we tackle creative challenges with tenacity, and we love what we do.








Let DITSI design, install, configure, implement or migrate your storage, servers and applications for you!


Migration towards or back from the cloud without a hassle. Storage, Virtualization & Cloud.

Business Presentation

The introduction of our Cloud platform

As an IBM Business Partner, DITSI can build any infrastructure or cloud for your organization. We have the whole IBM Cloud portfolio at hand to fulfill your business needs.

Whether you need security appliances (physical or virtual), a bare metal server or a whole and highly performing VMware based virtualization platform for DR purposes or to help you transit to the cloud, it’s not a challenge for us but a job that can be done easily.

We can assist you with the migration to our IBM Cloud and even maintain the infrastructure for you.

Virtual Servers

Public, dedicated, reserved and transient “spot” virtual servers allow you to provision and scale on demand. Your bare metal servers play together nicely. Integrate them together with your application.

Bare Metal Servers

Call them dedicated servers or bare metal servers. Our enterprise-grade compute resources can handle your highly demanding performance needs with all the specs you want.

Complete VMware platforms or SDDC

Use VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud to seamlessly connect your on-premises VMware environments to the cloud, create a new one or migrate to that cloud.









Managed & Cloud Services

What can our Cloud do
for your organization?

IaaS & DR Services

Infrastructure as a Service, abbreviated as IaaS, is nothing other than using or purchasing an IT infrastructure as a service. You can see it as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution. It is in fact a pool of shared infrastructure – servers with associated external storage – which you can easily use, together with other companies.

The chance of a disastrous calamity is indeed small; it directly jeopardizes business continuity. You may already be providing regular backups, but to ensure that your IT goes through without interruption, you may need more advanced solutions. Let us build and maintain your DR solution for you.

Fully Managed & Cloud Services

Our solutions can be purchased as a service. No investments for you, not even in building up knowledge. For a fixed fee per month, licenses, maintenance, services and management are delivered to you 24/7. In addition to Virtualization, we also provide Unix, Linux and Windows capacity from the ‘DITSI Private Cloud’. Do not worry and let DITSI host and manage it all for you.

Hybrid Cloud Services & Solutions

A hybrid cloud always consists of one or more private clouds – with all the possibilities a cloud should offer, such as provisioning, user management – running on its own hardware. This can be purchased hardware that is placed and managed in a data center, or servers that are taken from a provider and where the management is handled. In addition, one or more public clouds are also active in a hybrid cloud, such as IBM Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure. Contact us for more details.


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